Monday, December 30, 2013


What makes health and fitness goals attainable? Are certain types of shoes best for your exercise program? Do healthy, affordable (and tasty!) post-workout foods and snack options really exist? How can exercises be modified for people with physical limitations or injuries? With so many wellness-related gadgets and apps out there, some of them must be worth having … right? How can I better manage stress, either at work or at home (or both)?

If you’ve ever asked these questions – or have similar ones on your mind – FUEL may be a great resource for you!

FUEL is a weekly FREE discussion group led by Amanda Triemstra, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor and Sara Burhans, ACE Personal Trainer. Stop by as we take a breather from class and training sessions to talk about the topics we get asked about the most. We’ll also bring in some guest speakers and local subject-matter experts to lend their thoughts and ultimately help YOU find long-term, sustainable success in your wellness pursuits!

The Format
Every FUEL session starts with an overview of the day’s topic followed by Q&A, hands-on learning and open discussion.  Following the FUEL session, we'll be sharing the information via this blog!

Who: Anyone who wants to learn more about health and fitness!

When: Every Thursday morning at 10:15

Where:  Just Move Fitness and More

Cost: Free! (Donations to help cover the costs of materials and speakers are welcome.)