Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's In Your Instructor's Gym Bag?

Our instructors are asked often about our favorite brands, tips, tricks, etc. It's high time you are in the loop! We thought we'd share a few of our favorite things or the things we can't go without. Keeping it simple, everyone's gym bag should include the basics:
  • Ideal shoes (see previous post on that)
  • A water bottle, 16 ounce and up
  • A towel
Find a great bag that suits your needs. Some are more ventilated than others, larger in size, straps, zippers, etc. Some of our instructor tips when looking for a bag are:
  • Look for a side exterior pocket for a water bottle. 
  • Look for one that has a small pocket for keys/phone or consider a bag insude a bag for the small stuff you need right after a workout. 

Instructor Spotlight:
Amanda never goes anywhere without her: 24 ounce insulated water bottle by hyroflask.
 "I love this water bottle because of the small twist off top but it comes with the sip or straw kind as well. I love that it will keep things cold forever (even with the lid off overnight, ice stayed as ice) and it will keep things warm, too, but I haven't tried it. It doesn't have an alluminum taste like other cheaper bottles and it is leak proof. We went looking for water bottles we could use while traveling through Italy and were reluctant to spend $30 per bottle but I haven't regretted it once!"

Instructor Spotlight:
Sara never goes anywhere without her: FRS chews.
"I chew one of these if I'm going to teach a class and I'm drained of energy. They say to chew 2 but 1 is enough for me. It provides me with that quick energy boost so I can be at my best."

Instructor Spotlight:
Leigh ever goes anywhere without her: Face and body wipes by Dickinsons. 
"I use to clean up a bit after sweating in a class. This brand in particular is great on my skin, especially on my face. These babies are life savers!" The other instructors went crazy over these as well, some of us use just baby wipes, but this would be great for sensitive skin. We all wipe the sweat off where we can after classes, especially when leaving to teach another.

What's the one thing you don't want to be without? See you all next week!

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